So you can benefit from the best possible treatment since varicose veins are not emerging "again and again".

Do you have varicose veins, Teleangiectasias or have you already undergone surgery and are not happy or satisfied with the result? If so, you are at the right address with us.

We are specialists in treating all types of varicose veins. In order to assess your personal situation, a thorough examination is necessary. Diagnosis is carried out with the most modern ultrasound techniques. In particular we possess great experience in the analysis and correction of recurrant varicose veins, the diagnosis and treatment of which demand the highest standards of expertise.

As with an iceberg, the major part of the affected veins is not visible.

Naturally, we would also concern ourselves with any problems having a cosmetic significance, e.g. teleangiectasias which would primarily call for sclerotherapy. If you have already had a bad experience in this respect, it would be worth a new venture with us.


The assessment of your vascular system would result in a recommendation for either conservative treatment or surgical therapy. We are conversant with every possible treatment and therefore could advise you thoroughly. However, we employ only those methods which conform to our high standards. We distance ourselves from potentially dangerous or unproven treatment methods publicized without any critical analysis in certain magazines, because our experience and studies show they do not conform with our personal high quality standards.


The surgical care and thoroughness required for larger varicose veins and sclerotherapy of smaller veins still represent the „ golden standard“ today. Only a specialised team can guarantee the best diagnosis, the most suitable treatment plan and a full explanation concerning therapy and potential risks. Any operation will be meticulously carried out, supported by an aftercare programme. Therefore the risks of possible thrombosis or „ open leg „ can be avoided to a great extent.


Surgery, carried out by the experienced vascular surgeon, would be undertaken only in the most modernly equipped clinics.


Take your varicose veins seriously, even if you have no symptoms at the moment. There is often an underlying bigger varicose vein behind a more obivous small varicose vein what can cause complications . Treatment at a later stage is more extensive and laborious and for  the patient more stressful, particularly when older. Get good advice from us, it could be crucial to your health.